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For Chocoholics & Snackers

Convenience Store December 1, 2022
Experience our new assortment of premium chocolates, snacks, and treats.


Black Fig Pistachio and Orange Blossom Espresso and Alaskan Smoked Sea Salt, oh my! These sweet and savory chocolate bars from Seattle’s own jcoco are miniature works of art… for your taste buds. Made from high-quality cacao, each of these jcoco products burst with transcendent albeit timeless flavor: 

  • Alaskan Smoked Sea Salt - Smooth, Peruvian dark chocolate, with a peppering of wood-burnt Alaskan sea salt flakes, is a recipe for deliciousness. Complex yet balanced, each smoky bite is a voyage into the unknown.
  • Black Fig Pistachio - What do you get when you mix 72% cacao from Peru, chewy mission figs California, and buttery pistachios? This fragrant chocolate bar, that’s what. It’s like a high-end version of a high-end fig cookie.
  • Cayenne Veracruz Orange - A light dusting of chili pepper powder gives this citrusy white chocolate bar a spicy kick that lingers long after your first nibble.
  • Himalayan Salt + Toffee - Who knew crunchy English toffee and ancient Himalayan salt, when combined with 47% milk chocolate and notes of toasted marshmallow, could be so good?
  • Orange Blossom Espresso - Citrus + coffee =  classic pairing. Additional sweet-and-sour notes of cloves, black tea, cherry and almond elevate this chocolate from “great” to “give me 10 more of ‘em.”
  • Peruvian Dark with Cacao Nibs - Bitter yet sweet, fudgy yet floral, this velvety smooth 72% dark chocolate bar is jcoco’s O.G.



Raaka crafts “uncommonly delicious” chocolate made from some of the highest quality, single-origin cacao on Earth. The entire process, from the fermentation of wet cacao beans to the demolding and wrapping of their bars, is done by hand. That’s love, folks.

  • Bourbon Cask Aged Chocolate - When you add two-month-aged bourbon into a mixture of 82% Tanzanian cacao, you get what can only be described as nuanced perfection. This oaky, smooth, cocktail-like chocolate bar hits you with a hint of cherry cordial, which is probably why it won the 2013 Good Food Award.
  • Green Tea Crunch Bar - Toasted genmaicha green tea is steeped in cacao butter, then gets churned with Dominican cacao and puffed quinoa, to produce that nostalgic crackle and pop once it hits the tongue. It’s gluten-free comfort wrapped in a thin paper sleeve.
  • Oak Milk Chocolate - Breakfast or dessert? When homemade vegan granola merges with unroasted Ugandan dark chocolate and sweet maple sugar, lines get blurred. And that’s a good thing.
  • Pink Sea Salt Chocolate - Fruity yet complex, Raaka’s Pink Sea Salt chocolate bar is salty and savory, all at once. It’s like an edible Arthur Conan Doyle mystery that can only be solved after the final bite.



An import straight from Tuscany, Amedei’s award-winning chocolate bars have the distinction of being “the best chocolate in the world.” Now they’re here at Waterway!

  • Dark Chocolate w/ Peach and Apricot - Dehydrated peaches and apricots give this dark chocolate bar a chewy, sweet and tangy bite that you’ll want to savor for all eternity.
  • Dark Chocolate with Almonds - Buttery Sicilian almonds marry rich Tuscan cocoa to produce this crunchy, smooth chocolate delicacy.
  • Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts - The classic Amedei milk chocolate bar incorporates “Tonda Gentile Trilobata” hazelnuts, and it smells as divine as it tastes. It’s a must-grab.
  • White Chocolate with Pistachio - A total of five ingredients make up this tremendously and surprisingly tasty chocolate bar. Green pistachios may be the star of the show, but their white chocolate costar deserves a nod, too.



Dick Taylor

Originating from the northern California coastline town of Eureka, Dick Taylor award-winning chocolates are made for the cocoa puritans out there. The company specializes in the production of single-origin, no-filler, high-quality chocolate. What you see is what you taste.

  • Brown Butter with Nibs & Sea Salt - Rumiano Organic butter hits the saute pan to brown before being blended into 73% Northerner dark chocolate from Madagascar and Brazil. Roasted cocoa nibs and sprinkles of sea salt are added by hand before being shipped to our stores.
  • Fleur de Sel - The best-selling Fleur de Sel chocolate bar is a balanced mix of organic cane sugar, dark chocolate and hand-harvested Guatemalan sea salt.
  • Peanut Butter - Creamy Brazilian cacao and decadent 55% dark chocolate act as a winter coat over premium roasted peanut butter powder. It’s silk, plain and simple.
  • Vanilla Milk Chocolate - Old-fashioned, organic whole milk from California. Madagascan vanilla beans. Creamy 55% milk chocolate with notes of caramel. Combine it all, and you’ve got an exceptional treat.




Small-batch, bean-to-chocolate is what Fruition does best. Each bar is meticulously crafted by hand, and each ingredient is ethically sourced. The result: Incredibly flavorful treats that were made to be shoved into stockings.

  • Brown Butter Milk Chocolate - Locally churned butter, browned to perfection, gives this classic 43% milk chocolate bar that deep caramel flavor.
  • Peru Marañón Dark Milk Chocolate - This multiple award-winning chocolate bar is composed of pure Nacional cacao beans from remote regions in Peru, whole milk, cocoa butter and cane sugar.
  • Spring Salted Dark Milk Chocolate - A dash of Peruvian warm spring salt accentuates Fruition’s milk-dark chocolate Flor de Sal bar, which won a 2020 Good Food Award.
  • Tumaco Colombia Dark Chocolate - Bold and flavorful, with notes of honey, brownie fudge, berries and butterscotch, the Tumaco Colombia Dark Chocolate bar will make you weep tears of joy.



There’s gourmet chocolate, then there’s gourmet chocolate. Compartés falls into the latter category, with a dash of “Wonka” juice for flavor. Since 1950, the Los Angeles-based company has been creating some of the most decadent, flavorful, and unique (aka. bonkers) chocolatey goodies known to mankind. There’s a Golden Ticket in every bar, so to speak.

  • Everything Chocolate Bar - Cake, rainbow sprinkles, marshmallows, pretzels–everything in this mind-blowing chocolate treat puts others to shame.
  • Lemon Shortbread Chocolate Bar - Delicate shortbread cookies, homemade lemon preserves, and citrusy white chocolate will make lips pucker with delight.
  • Peppermint Bark Chocolate Bar - It wouldn’t be Christmas without peppermint bark! This brand-new, vegan and gluten-free peppermint dark chocolate bar features chunks of candy cane, just for the holiday season.
  • Sticky Toffee Milk Chocolate Bar - Milk chocolate covers bits of buttery, crunchy toffee. What more could you ask for in a chocolate bar?


Vosges Haut-Chocolat

Vosges’ confections run the gamut from truffles to chocolate bars, praline to bonbons, and virtually every sugary substance in between. All their yummy products are made from ethically sourced ingredients, including their popular and tremendously flavorful Peppermint Candy Cane Gnomes.


Ticket Chocolate (Kitchen)

A favorite for all ages. Northern California’s Ticket Chocolate company loves making hot cocoa. Find a variety of their couverture products, including hot chocolate on a stick, chocolate bark and cookies, at your Waterway convenience store. Only available at the Kirkwood, MO location.


Wine Chips

Potato chips are so last decade. These days, it’s all about premium lattice-cut Wine Chips. These are the self-proclaimed cheesiest and most satisfying crunchy snacks you’ll ever have. When paired with wine, they’re absolutely heavenly.

Dad a steak connoisseur? Dry Aged Ribeye Wine Chips will have him questioning life. Lip-smackingly steak-y, these treats have a peppering of black pepper and notes of garlic. Try it with a bottle of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, or another oaky red wine.

Gifting someone who’s a spice fiend? Stuff their stocking with Spicy Calabrese Wine Chips, which pay homage to Calabrian sausage. There’s a kick of spice in each bite, but because they’ve also got a twinge of tang, they go nicely with a glass of full-bodied red, such as pinot noir.

Who doesn’t love bacon? Billionaire’s Bacon Wine Chips taste like honey and brown sugar-glazed bacon, just in chip form. And like bacon, these gourmet snacks pair with any drink, wine or otherwise.Only available at the Kirkwood, MO location.


Tate’s Bake Shop

Everyone can appreciate a good chocolate chip cookie. But if you’re wrapping a present for a true cookie-aholic, look no further than Tate’s. Recognized as the #1 brand for specialty cookies, Tate’s Bake Shop produces thin, buttery, crispy treats that virtually require a glass of milk. Only available at the Kirkwood, MO location.


Legally Addictive

Part cracker, part cookies – The O.G. treats from Legally Addictive are salty yet sweet, crunchy yet gooey, and 100% delicious. Is it the handmade toffee, crisp cracker middle, or silky semi-sweet chocolate that make them irresistible?

Only available at the Kirkwood, MO location. 

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