What We Use at Waterway Carwash

Products We Use

We carefully select the products we use on your vehicle. Your standards are high. And so are ours.

Quality products make your car Waterway® clean.
The Simoniz brand has been the gold standard for car-care products for more than 100 years. At Waterway, we wouldn’t use anything less than the best to get your vehicle clean and sparkling.
  • Lava Bath is a highly concentrated blend of cleaners, foaming agents, emulsifiers and wetting agents designed for efficient, streak-free cleaning. In addition to preparing the vehicle’s surface to more readily accept extra protective coatings, Lava Bath leaves a shining surface and is specially formulated to clean without stripping existing waxes or sealants.
  • Ceramic Sealant protects against UV rays, slows down oxidation and preserves the vehicle’s surface. Its hydrophobic properties repel water, making cleaning easier, while its resistance to grime and mud reduces the likelihood of stubborn stains. Additionally, the sealant enhances the vehicle's reflective properties, leaving a clear, deep shine. Its durability helps maintain the gloss for extended periods between washes.
  • Hot Wax and Shine is a unique application of hot carnauba wax that delivers unsurpassed shine to the entire vehicle.