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Wash Services

Accept nothing less than Waterway® clean

Interior + ExteriorExterior-OnlyExpress DetailFull Detail

A complete line of services. Completely your choice.

  • Keep your vehicle clean and protected with interior and exterior services. 

  • Choose the service that meets your needs, and then let us get to work. 

Personal Touch

Premium Service

Quality Product

Interior + Exterior

There is nothing like that clean car feeling. Our full service options range from a simple wash and a vacuum to a complete clean with protectants and wax. Whatever your car wash needs, we’ve got you covered.

Wash and Vac

Car Washed, Check. Car Vacuumed, Check. Happy Customer, Check.

Full Service

A car wash plus interior cleaning will make your car sparkle inside and out.

Wheel Deal

Your wheels and tires will shine when you enhance your exterior and interior cleaning with this popular service.

The Whole Thing®

When you want your car washed, waxed, protected and shiny on the outside, while you enjoy an interior that looks – and smells – freshly cleaned.



What’s on the outside counts. Our exterior only services give you a gleaming vehicle, from bumper to bumper.

Express Clean

When you need a speedy car wash.


Express Shine

Add protection to your quick car wash.

Hot Wax Express

Top off your car wash with hot wax and paint protection to keep that clean-car look going.

Wheel Deal Express

A speedy car wash with clean and shiny wheels included. 

Hot Wax Express, plus Wheels & Tires

You’ll drive away in a car cleaned, protected, and shined, including its undercarriage, wheels, and tires.



You’ll drive away in a car cleaned, protected, and Ceramic shined, including its undercarriage, wheels, and tires.

Express Detail

Give your vehicle’s interior & exterior some TLC with one of our Express detail services. A little care goes a long way.

Hand Wax Package

The extra touch of a hand wax takes your fully cleaned vehicle to the next level of sparkling.

Full Detail

Attention to detail is in our DNA, so let us bring out the very best in your vehicle. We offer a full range of detail service options. Pick the one that’s right for you. 


Interior Detail

Make your driving environment impeccable with interior detail service.

Exterior Detail

When you want to make the neighbors jealous. Exterior detail to really make your car shine.

Complete Detail

No details are overlooked in this interior and exterior detail service. By appointment only.

Waterway Carwash