Products We Use

We carefully select the products we use on your vehicle. Your standards are high. And so are ours.

Quality products make your car Waterway® clean.
The Simoniz brand has been the gold standard for car-care products for more than 100 years. At Waterway, we wouldn’t use anything less than the best to get your vehicle clean and sparkling.
  • Lava Bath is a highly concentrated blend of cleaners, foaming agents, emulsifiers and wetting agents designed for efficient, streak-free cleaning. In addition to preparing the vehicle’s surface to more readily accept extra protective coatings, Lava Bath leaves a shining surface and is specially formulated to clean without stripping existing waxes or sealants.
  • Simoniz Shield is a high-performance, clear-coat sealer that increases water beading and breaking.
  • Triple Bond, Teflon® Protectant is a paint sealant that levels the painted surface to add depth of gloss and extended protection from the elements.
  • Hot Wax and Shine is a unique application of hot carnauba wax that delivers unsurpassed shine to the entire vehicle.