Waterway Gas Station Fuels

Our Fuels

Go clean at our car wash – and our pump.

At Waterway, we want to ensure that your vehicle is clean on more than just the surface. Our fuels are designed to keep your car running clean and mean. 

  • High-Quality Fuels: Our fuels contain higher levels of detergent additives that help keep your engine cleaner and improve performance.
  • 93-Octane Gasoline: Our super-premium fuel is designed to provide the highest performance, giving you the most horsepower and torque your engine has to offer.
  • State-of-the-Art Pumps: Offering today’s most advanced fuel pump technology.
  • Save Up to 10¢ a Gallon: When you join our Clean Car Club®, you’re automatically eligible for special fuel pricing.
  • Our Clean Guarantee: At Waterway, we believe that our customers deserve the very best. We guarantee the quality of every product and service we offer, ensuring that every choice is a good one. 
Other Fuels We Carry
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We also offer other high-quality fuels from well-known brands, such as Philips 66 and BP, to keep you on the road mile after mile. Our gas stations provide a convenient place to fill up with fuels you can trust. Stop by, and drive away with a clean vehicle, a full tank, and a smile.