Drink Upgrades at Waterway: For the Soda Connoisseurs

Convenience Store September 22, 2022
Visit your local Waterway and pop the top off a can or bottle of your favorite soda!

Fitz’s Soda

Anyone from St. Louis knows that Fitz’s is one of the best micro-breweries in the region. This fall, we’re proud to feature a variety of Fitz’s robust and creamy craft soft drinks, including:

  • Root Beer (12-oz bottles and 16-oz cans) - Their flagship soda features a tasty blend of roots, herbs and spices that delivers a rich and creamy root beer flavor.
  • Diet Root Beer (12-oz bottles only) - The exact same flavors of Fitz’s Root Beer, but without the extra calories.
  • Grape Pop (12-oz bottles only) - The crisp, lingering finish of candied grape is one for the ages.
  • Orange Soda (12-oz bottles only) - A summertime classic featuring a balanced blend of sweet orange and creamy vanilla.
  • Cream Soda (16-oz cans only) - This old-fashioned cream soda features deep, flavorful vanilla notes with a rich, golden brown caramel coloring.
  • Hip Hop Pop Soda (16-oz cans only) - This caffeinated sugar cane cola is packed with raspberry and other berry notes.
  • Cardinal Cream Soda (16-oz cans only) - Fitz’s traditional red cream soda has a rich, velvety vanilla flavor and various fruity notes.

Shop local by visiting your Kirkwood Waterway convenience store and popping the top off a can or bottle of Fitz’s. 

Reed’s Ginger Beer

In reviving their centuries-old recipe for craft ginger beer, Reed’s has done the seemingly impossible: Craft a non-alcoholic, all-natural ginger beer that hits every note. (It’s America’s #1 Ginger Beer for a reason!)

Fresh ginger root adds that subtle yet aggressive spice, while pineapple juice and honey pack in the sweetness. Dashes of lemon and lime offer lip-puckering tang, and a mixture of cane sugar and other spices provide a layer of flavors felt beyond your tastebuds.

Boylan Soda

For over 120 years, New Jersey’s Boylan has been producing some of the country’s most mouthwatering fizzy beverages – and we’re honored to bring that tiny part of Jersey’s history to you. 

Your Kirkwood Waterway location will now be carrying three Boylan’s organic, gluten-free, vegan sodas:

  • Cane Cola - Orange, lemon and lime oils are blended with nutmeg, coriander and lavender to create a uniquely alluring cola flavor.
  • Red Birch Beer - A sharp hint of mint and sweet birch hit your taste buds first, but it’s followed by a smooth, creamy vanilla aftertaste that lingers well beyond the last sip.
  • Black Cherry - Vanilla bourbon extract, wild cherries and cherry bark provide this soda’s distinct sweet and tart taste. (And the smell! Divine.)

Sprecher's Root Beer

Known for their assortment of beers, malt beverages and craft sodas, Wisconsin’s Sprecher Brewery is joining the Waterway coolers this fall – and we’re happy to stock the Best Root Beer in America.

Made with locally-sourced, raw Wisconsin honey, yucca extract, and a wide range of proprietary spices (that’s code for “secret sauce”), Sprecher Root Beer and Caffeinated Root Beer has a rich, creamy flavor that’s best served ice cold. 

Sioux City Sarsaparilla

Spelling “sarsaparilla” is tricky enough – just imagine how difficult it is to bottle it! 

Kudos to White Rock Beverages’ Sioux City for keeping true to the Wild West with their “saloon-style” Sarsaparilla soft drink. Made with pure cane sugar, this granddaddy of all root beers is as authentic as it gets. 

Poppi Sparkling Probiotic Soda

Watermelon. Raspberry Rose. Strawberry Lemonade. If these make your salivary glands go into overdrive, then you’ll want to pick up a Poppi Sparkling Probiotic Soda. These organic and gluten-free beverages aren’t just tasty; they’re also made from apple cider vinegar, a natural probiotic, to help promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria.


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