The Whole Thing® covers all the bases – with attention to detail, sparkle and shine, inside and out.

VOTED: A Homerun

  • A Full Service wash, plus:
  • Carnauba Hot Wax
  • Triple Bond, Teflon Protectant
  • Lava Foam Bath
  • Bottom Blaster With Undercoat
  • Tire Shine
  • Wheel Brite
  • Fresh Scent[allbutchi_content]
  • Mat Cleaning (4 mats)[/allbutchi_content][col_content]
  • Rain-X® (optional)[/col_content][stl_content]
  • Rain-X® (optional)[/stl_content][kan_content]
  • Rain-X® (optional)[/kan_content][allbutchi_content]
  • Door, Steering Wheel, Seat Wipedown[/allbutchi_content][chi_content]
  • Door, Steering Wheel, Mat, Seat Wipedown[/chi_content]
  • [allbutchi_content]5[/allbutchi_content][chi_content]4[/chi_content]-Day Clean Guarantee
  • Additional Charge For Cargo Areas, 3rd Row Seats & Pickup Trucks