Looking for a Fundraising Partner that will actually get your non-profit youth group/organization the money they need to do the things they want? Waterway Fundraising is your best answer! Selling Waterway car wash coupons in your community is super easy because it’s a highly valuable and necessary service to your supporters. Who doesn’t need a car wash from time to time? They’re going to love you for it!

Why does Waterway Fundraising beat all others?

   •   Waterway Fundraising Coupons NEVER expire
   •   All coupons sold are redeemable for a Full Service car wash at EVERY Waterway location
   •   No Mark-up! – Coupon pricing is identical to what your supporters would pay at Waterway
   •   No additional SUV or large vehicle charges for your supporters when they use these coupons
   •   Coupons are supplied up front at NO CHARGE to your organization
   •   Your group/organization will not be charged for any unsold coupons (simply return them)
   •   Coupons are sold/delivered today and can be used immediately

What are the Rules?

   •   Waterway Fundraising is limited to Non-Profit Organizations connected to schools, youth sports, and youth activities
   •   Your organization will sell our car wash coupons at regular price and keep half of every sale!
   •   A Waterway Fundraiser typically lasts 30 days (one calendar month)
   •   Waterway Fundraisers are exclusive, annual events; the bigger the better!
   •   Goal is to sell 200 or more coupons (some groups have sold over 1,000!)
   •   Representative must be authorized to sign a simple agreement that outlines each party’s responsibilities
   •   Organization is fully responsible for the coupons while in their possession
   •   Coupons are not to be sold on the premises of any Waterway Carwash
   •   Once sales period is complete, bring back all unsold coupons and a check for 50% of the profits!