Free Wash Program

Keep your new car sparkling clean for 30 days. On us.

Free Washes for New Cars at Waterway® Carwash.

We want you to keep your new car looking new for years to come. At Waterway® Carwash, it is our mission to give customers the cleanest, friendliest, highest quality car-wash experience in town. If you’ve purchased a new or pre-owned car since January 1, 2021, we’d like to bring you into the Waterway family and let you know what we mean when we say, “Waterway clean.” For complete details, view the FAQ's below. 


Have You Purchased a New or Pre-Owned Vehicle Since January


Waterway Carwash is offering a FREE, 30-DAY Clean Car Club® Express Shine Level Membership to any customer* who has purchased a new or pre-owned vehicle since January 1, 2021. We know your car is an essential part of your everyday life. And, a new car purchase is a big deal. So, we want to say, “Congratulations!”

*If you are a current Clean Car Club member, you do not qualify for this offer unless you are adding an additional vehicle to your membership plan. 

Enjoy All the Benefits of Being a Waterway Clean Car Club® Express Shine Level Member 
  • Free UNLIMITED Express Shine car washes
  • $12 off all car wash upgrades
  • 3¢off every gallon of fuel
  • Signature hand dry with every wash
  • Happiness guarantee
It’s as Easy as 1, 2, Clean. All Free for 30 Days. 

Keeping your new car Waterway clean will reduce its wear and tear. And signing up is easy. If you purchased a vehicle – new or pre-owned – since January 1, 2021, simply sign up, and then visit then one of our many convenient Waterway Carwash locations. Enjoy the ease and convenience of unlimited FREE car washes for 30 days – compliments of Waterway.

Dirty Cars Are a Real Drag

It’s true. Dirty cars cut fuel economy. Randomly distributed dirt particles create more drag as air particles cling onto the grime, reducing fuel economy by up to 10%. It’s known as the filth effect, and you can combat it by taking advantage of FREE washes for your new car at Waterway Carwash. Getting more miles to the gallon is just one of the many benefits you’ll discover as a Waterway Clean Car Club® member.
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