Our Story

In 1970, in the St. Louis, Missouri suburb of Kirkwood, Henry Dubinsky and a group of friends opened the first Waterway car wash location. Now, more than 50 years later, Waterway operates 27 locations in five cities and is a nationally recognized leader in the car wash industry.

Headquartered in St. Louis, Waterway opened in 1987 in Kansas City, in 1999 in Denver, 2008 in Cleveland and 2015 in Chicago.

Each Waterway location offers a combination of car wash services, major brand gasoline, snacks, drinks and other useful merchandise. Each store is set up for convenience, ease of use, speed of service and comfort.

From the beginning, the Waterway concept has remained the same. We locate great neighborhoods; build high-end, distinctive buildings, hire only the best people and deliver uniquely outstanding service, quality and experience.

The Waterway process and technology has been honed over many years to safely, completely and quickly clean cars and serve customers. No one else can guarantee the same high level of personal service, care and attention to detail that comes standard with all Waterway services.

Simply put, we’ve set the standard for the car wash industry.