Our People

Friendly, detail oriented and at your service.


We think our people are pretty special. From car wash attendants to cashiers and managers, there’s no shortage of friendliness or customer service here. At Waterway Carwash, we pride ourselves in hiring the finest individuals and cultivating their leadership skills. So, if you were to ask 100 customers what makes the Waterway Carwash experience so unique, the resounding responses would be about the people.

We understand that not everyone is meant to wear Waterway blue. Our staff members embody many great leadership characteristics. They are friendly, energetic, smart and professional. Many are in school or are recent graduates, usually from the neighborhoods we serve. Each one is hired for his or her individual character, and each one is given an opportunity to thrive.

Many great careers have started in our ranks. With one of the country’s best Management Training Programs, we offer the opportunity for growth in a position with real, hands-on experience. But, job training is just a small piece of the puzzle. Camaraderie, teamwork and fun fit together to create a positive work environment, happy employees and satisfied customers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time customer or you’ve been a member of our Clean Car Club for years, you’ll enjoy a smiling face and a job well done every time you visit.